Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, I seriously abandoned this blog! Hopefully I'll do a better job of blogging this year. I've abandoned my scrapping lately as well. ScrapSketch is back up after a little end of year break, so I'll be posting layouts soon!

For now, let me introduce Montrose. He decided to take up residence in our backyard a few weeks ago. After a few heartbreaking nights with him crying through the rainstorms, we just couldn't let him stay outside anymore. Just call me the cat whisperer!

We keep saying we're just fostering him for now...but I'll be honest. We are completely smitten with him (even if the other 4 cats are 100% NOT smitten). I'll be shocked if he goes to another home!

Montrose, the handsome devil:

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Martine said...

awww! he's such a cutie! glad he found a good home! I adopted in a similar manner an orange tabby that looks a lot like him! He just stole my heart!